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Only son:
 Dr. Vivek Sarkar 
 B.Tech (IIT/Kanpur), M.S. (Wisconsin) & Ph.D. (Stanford)

After twenty years with IBM, he joined Rice University, Houston, Texas in July 2007 as the 'ED Butcher Chair in Engineering', and Professor for Computer Science with a Joint appointment in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (See his appointment details by clicking this April 2007 HPCwire news article).  From July 2013, he holds the Chair for the Computer Science Department (See the News Article here).   Additionally, he is the Associate Director, Center for Domain-Specific Computing, and is also Adjunct Faculty, CSE department, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India.  Further, he is a Visiting Professor, Waseda University, Japan, as well as at University of Hyderabad, India.  From Aug 2009 he also serves on the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Scientific Computing Advisory Committee (DOE ASCAC) to assist the DOE with a variety of complex scientific and technical issues related to its ASC Research Program. 


Vivek was awarded the Distinguished Scientist of the Year Award by ACM (Association for Computing Machinery - the world's largest educational and scientific computing society) in 2006 for "significant accomplishments and having made a significant impact in the computing field".  ACM (see below) has since recognized him as a 2008 ACM Fellow (Click to see the News Report) with their highest award. The Citation stated: "For contributions to technologies for parallel computing". "These men and women are the inventors of technologies that impact the way people live and work throughout the world," said ACM President Wendy Hall, adding that the honour recognises "contributions to solving complex problems, expanding the impact of technology and advancing the quality of life for people everywhere.

In July 2014, the US Government's Defense  Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) granted $ 11 million to a research team under Vivek as the principal investigator from Rice - Houston and others from University of Texas - Austin, University of Wisconsin - Madison & a developer tools company Gramma Tech for project PLINY - "an autocomplete program for world's programmers writing computer code" - to predict what coders are about to type, as well as spot bugs or security vulnerabilities!

Earlier, he served IBM Corporation, in USA from 1988 till 2007, and was the Senior Manager, Programming Technologies; Member, IBM Academy of Technology (see below); and Research Relationship Manager for Aerospace & Defense, at IBM's premier Research Lab: T.J. Watson Research Center (Hawthorne NY).


 (The IBM Academy of Technology comprises of their most accomplished technologists from around the world - includes many Nobel laureates - who work across the spectrum of IBM's technical activities. It is a significant personal honor for any employee to be elected to the Academy - but the Academy is not an honor society. The key missions of the Academy are to investigate technical issues affecting the future of the IT industry, to affect the technical strategy of the company, and to promote communications and close working relationships across IBM's global technical community. The Academy was founded in 1989 and includes about 300 members. The Academy's independence gives it very broad latitude in deciding what activities to pursue and what recommendations to make to IBM's senior management. It is responsible to a Board of Governors composed of IBM senior executives.)
(ACM website: "The ACM Fellows Program was established by Council in 1993 to recognize and honor outstanding ACM members for their achievements in computer science and information technology and for their significant contributions to the mission of the ACM. The ACM Fellows serve as distinguished colleagues to whom the ACM and its members look for guidance and leadership as the world of information technology evolves").





 Dr. Ratna Gupta Sarkar 

B.Tech (IIT/Kanpur), MS in Computer Science, MBA & Ph.D. (all from Stanford University) 

She is now the Johns Hopkins University's Vice Provost for Institutional Research from Jan 2016, after being the Director of Institutional Research at the Rice University at Houston TX from 2011. Initially, she taught in the MBA and EMBA programs from 2007, and was then Associate Dean for Global Initiatives in the School of Engineering at Rice from spring 2008 through fall 2011.  

Prior to Rice, Ratna taught at the Harvard Business School, and was a management and economics consultant at CRA International and at McKinsey & Co. Her research and consulting work has been empirical and data-driven and those experiences have led to her interest in institutional research.  Before attending business school to do her MBA, Ratna worked as a software development engineer for the Rolm Corp. in San Jose, California.

Two grand-daughters: 

Here they are - Aparna & Shilpa:

Both 'living it up' in the United States of America


After completing B.S. Engineering from Stanford University in Product Design (proudly following the footsteps of her alumni parents), Shilpa gathered three years work experience with Jump Associates - a hybrid strategy firm in San Francisco focused on growth, and about a year with Axiom Law, before joining Facebook as a Product Manager in Aug 2014.

Her past experience includes: 

  • Student Advisor - Berlin at Bing Overseas Study program by Stanford University (Click to read: "WHAT I DID IN BERLIN" - during the 'Stanford in Berlin campus' stay during the 2009-10 winter quarter
  • Sierra Camp Interviewing Committee: Kid's Group Co-ordinator at Stanford Alumni Association
  • Research Assistant at Rice University, Houston

Besides being the Associate Editor of the newspaper "The WESTWARD" during her Westhill High School days at Stamford CT,  she won the Student Leadership Award from the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education in June 2007 for 'exhibiting extraordinary leadership skills among her peers.'

Click to Read a Poem (by then 11 year old Shilpa): about her 2000 India visit.

................. AND ................. 





Her proficiency and passion in playing violin had won her a place in the Houston Fall Concert from 2008 in the Philharmonia group - after similar earlier participation in the Stamford City orchestra till 2007. During her school days, she was popularly elected as the "School President" by her fellow students at Stamford's premier private school - The King Low Heywood Thomas (KLHT).













She graduated from Pomona College, Claremont CA (near Los Angeles) in May 2014, after her High School at Houston. From March to June 2013 she did a semester at Buenos Aires, as part of her final year at Pomona, and taught English, Maths & Art to children ages 6-12 (in Spanish).  

This was specially to polish her Spanish language!

  She had also managed the KSPC 88.7 FM Claremont radio station as Music Director during her College days, besides being a Logic Mentor in weekly sessions in the Philosophy Department. 


She thereafter has started her work-life to teach Mathematics to youngsters at Saint Ann's School, Brooklyn NY from Sep 2014.


You may enjoy watching her LED Hoop practice (as an expert....)



HOWEVER, the family's center of attraction, and surely the MOST important member,

 is undoubtedly RAJA (even if it is only a stump that he can wag to welcome you)







(excuse the Americanized accent!)





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Sarkar Family Group Photo
Vivek, Me, Aparna, Shilpa & Ratna - Nov 2010 (Raja missing)

Another Family group photo during Shilpa's Graduation from Westhill High,
Stamford CT in June 2007 - along with favourite 'mausi' Ruchi!






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You may go through ONE OF MY FAMILY PHOTO ALBUMS here.

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2010 Thanksgiving Family Group at Houston

(Ruchi, Shilpa with Sayo, Ranjit, Miho, Aikee with Aparna, Vinodini, Ratna, Me, Raja & Vivek)

 Below ⇓ is the one taken on Nov 22, 2012 at Knoxville TN : 
The SLIDESHOW of 2012 Thanksgiving appears earlier.