My Trip to India

                          By Shilpa Sarkar


Shilpa is 11-years-old, and wrote this poem on her visit to India in 2000.

Traveling far, full of tiredness
Landing, with joyful smiles
Late afternoon, completely listless
Waiting for some action all the while

An exotic land
Completely different
Everything bright and vivid
Never bland

Dryness, dusty roads, and hot air
Crisp guavas, juicy mangoes
Spicy dishes full of flair

Sweets and treats like pan and kalakand
Statues of the all-mighty one, Vishnu
And the comical monkey-god Hanuman

A rainbow of sarees, and salwar-kameez tops
And shimmering with color,
like a coral reef sprinkled with glitter
Are the beautiful bangle shops

Range of animals from monkeys to lizards
Tropical plants, arrays of fruit trees
Tiny chirping birds, mosquitoes and bees

Every colour and enticing smell
Contributes to India's
Tale that it must tell.

Shopping, relaxing, things to explore
To smell, touch, taste and more.
Relatives to meet, like Nana and Nani

And going for leisurely walks,
with places to see
Coming back to sit on the porch
Sipping hot tea.

Now parting hugs, teary goodbyes
It's time to soar by plane through the sky
And for now, 'tis the end
We sure hope to see
Everyone again.